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GreekCoin is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Targeting the European Market. Licensed and regulated by Estonian FIU, can provide cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services. You can stay safe with us, because we know how to respect our clients. With over 3 years in the field of cryptocurrencies, over 1 million Euros cryptocurrency transactions and over 500 happy customers you can served by one of the best in the field.

We are here not only to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies but we can help you with your first steps in the world of cryptos and provide you with answers in your quaries. Our expirienced support team can handle your questions and give you the answers that you can not find elsewhere.

George Svarnas


Born in Athens Greece in 1988, Crypto enthousiast and beliver George is the founder, General Manager and CEO of GREEKCOIN Cryptocurrency Exchange. He has educated in the University of London as Computer Scienctist. Be in the field of cryptocurrencies from 2015, he knows what, an unexpirienced user in the cryptocurrencies, needs and wants and thats why he has founded a Cryptocurrency Exchange Targeting the European Market. Targeting the European audience, he is trying to spread and educate the Greek audiance. He is also here to guarantee that you are provided with the best help you will need to your first steps in cryptos. He is a Crypto HODLer and he thinks that the future of financial infrastracture is hidden in the blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies are not a sprint. It is a marathon race.

George Svarnas

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